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This resource is being provided for those who want to know which candidates are supported by the Broward County Professional Paramedics and Firefighters Political Action Committee and the reasons behind our support.

This committee is directly funded by the Firefighters and Paramedics of Broward County.  We strongly believe an educated voter is the best voter and have provided this website for our family, friends, neighbors and residents of Broward County.

Editorial from Jason Smith, President of Broward County Professional Firefighters (DRAFT VERSION)

1. Introduction

The safety of our community is critical for many reasons. It can help to reduce crime, keep people healthy and protect our property and possessions. There are many different ways we can keep our community safe, and it is important to work together with the community to make sure that it is as safe as possible.  The Broward County Professional Firefighters and Paramedics proudly serve the residents of Cooper City.

2. The importance of keeping our community safe

In addition to providing emergency services, there are many other benefits being provided to Cooper City and other municipalities we provide service to. The Broward Professional Firefighters and Paramedics work under a fully accredited fire service department, which has a insurance savings to the city and further helps to protect our property and possessions. 

3. The different ways we can keep our community safe

There are many different ways we can keep our community safe. Having a better working relationship with the elected officials in Cooper City and working on creating programs to further enhance our services at little to no cost to the residents of Cooper City is an example. 

4. The benefits of keeping our community safe

A safe community is a happy community. When our community is safe, we can all relax and enjoy our lives without having to worry about our emergency services. We can also be proud of where we live and feel confident that the best level of fire and emergency services are being provided.

5. The importance of working together to keep our community safe

We can all play a part in keeping our community safe. By working together, we can make sure that our community is a safe and happy place to live. We can look out for each other, report suspicious activity and make sure that everyone feels safe.

[DRAFT] * This is currently in a draft version.



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